How Religion and Science Correlate on the Origins of Man

Why the Universe Bothers to Exist offers a striking breakthrough in the origins controversy, wherein the debate is now resolved. This profound book was written by David V. McCorkle, Ph.D.

Adam and Eve became the first fully sentient humans upon their eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Upon their disobedience, the “fall” results as God had warned. Their souls are banished to Homo sapiens recipients, prepared by God through His control of natural process on planet Earth, within the entropic earth brane of Steinhardt and Turok’s ekpyrotic universe, and in accordance with the “Jonah Principle.”


The Author

David Vernon McCorkle

Born: Amarah, Iraq on May 27, 1934 of missionary parents.

Lived in Hillah and Baqubah, Iraq until 5 years old, in the Seattle, Washington area from 1939 until 1963, and in Monmouth, Oregon from 1963 until the present (2015).

Graduated from Lincoln High School, Seattle in 1952 and from Seattle Pacific College (now University) in 1956. MS earned in 1959 and PhD in 1967, both in
Zoology from the University of Washington.

Taught in the Science/Math department (Biology) at what is now Western Oregon University (formerly Oregon College of Education) from 1963 until retirement in 1997.

Married Irene A. (Clark) in 1957.

Published on Coleoptera: Helophorus (Hydrophilidae), Lepidoptera: Papilio and Parnassius (Papilionidae), and Speyeria (Nymphalidae). Also did research on Mitoura Johnsoni and M. Spinetorum (Lycaenidae).